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Currently timeshare holiday of upto 14 day available in the following sterling holiday resorts all over the country at a discounted rate during the off peak season
Club Estadia ,Alto Porvorim, Goa
Villagio, Betlabatim, Goa
By the Lake , Kodaikanal
By the Valley , Kodaikanal
Elk Hill , Ooty
Fern Hill , Ooty
Corbett - Treetop Riverview
Daman - Casa Tesoro
Darjeeling - Khushalaya
Dharamshala - The Sanctuary
Dindi - By The Godavari
Gangtok - Delisso Abode
Lonavala - Under The Over
Manali - White Mist
Munnar - Terrace Greens
Mussoorie - Dancing Leaves
Nainital - Bhawanipur Greens
Puri - Golden Sands
Sariska - Tiger Heaven
Shirdi - Sai Wada
Thekkady - Woods n Spice
Yelagiri - Marigold Ridge
Yercaud - Rock Perch
For more details please send an email to info@webconcepts.in and websites@useful.in
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Discounts offered by the Ashok Group of Hotels

If you are not interested in orient express , then you have already missed a lot.

For 360 degree view of Himalayan range George everest peak in Mussoorie is the best place to visit

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Please note that all details are provided for information only. Since room rates are periodically revised , please check with the hotels for current rates.

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