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For Club estadia, sterling holiday resort, the official checkin time is 12 noon and checkout time is 10 am. The minimum period for booking is two nights and 3 days. At the time of booking, for members a voucher will be generated and the copy of the voucher should be carried to the hotel at the time of checkin according to the confirmation email. However, sterling holidays has an excellent ticket booking system, and some one from the resort will usually call the member a few hours befor the scheduled checkin to find the exact checkin time, and number of people who will check in to the hotel, so that a room can be allocated .
They are usually flexible regarding checkin and checkout timing allowing a few hours time considering that many of the members are coming from a far away place, train, bus and flight timings may vary. At the time of checkin the member has to provide some id proof like passport, voters id card and they will keep a copy of the id proof with them. Luxury tax has to be paid at the time of checkin depending on the duration of the stay and the room booking. The amount charged will depend on the number of night the member will stay. No other charges are to be paid at the time of booking for members who are having a complimentary holiday or using the points accumulated
At the time of checkin, the room key will be provided for access to the room and at the time of checkout the room key will have to be given to the staff at the reception. All expenses are charged to the room number where the person is staying, and the bill have to be settled at the time of checkout.

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