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Like most holiday resorts, Club estadia has an attached restaurant with a bar serving alchoholic and non alchoholic beverages. For breakfast and dinner they have buffet meals where guests at the restaurant can eat as much as they wish from the wide variety of dishes available. Most of the visitors at Club Estadia are from outside Goa and spend most of the day sightseeing, visiting the beaches, temples and churches. So when they are sight seeing, it is usually assumed that they will be eating their lunch out.
However for those who did not have a heavy breakfast, they can order food from the restaurant for lunch or other meals. The prices of different dishes are comparable to starred restaurants elsewhere. However some guests at Club estadia had a very limited budget, like the guests from Andhra Pradesh ( a MLA, his wife and granddaughter) so they would prefer to have a very heavy breakfast and then have some snacks for lunch.
The breakfast at Club Estadia is very good and a fixed amount is charged to members depending on the duration of their stay and number of meals taken at the restaurant. Guests who pay cash to get a room, will get the breakfast complimentary, while the charges for non members are slightly higher. The buffet breakfast consisted for idlis, uttapam, bread, sandwich, rasgulla, parathas, upma, lime juice, orange juice, tea, coffee, milk, and other dishes. Breakfast was served till 10.30 am and Dinner was served from 7.30 pm

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