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Club estadia has extremely well designed and well maintained room facilities with high quality material used for the furniture, fixtures, plumbing and other fittings. While most come for a holiday for a break from their daily routine, for domain investors, webmasters in India the hotel is an ideal place to escape the daily human rights abuses they are being subjected to, due to casteism, hatred, and greed of top officials controlling the expensive invisible directed energy weapons, so the facilities are not important a place to stay matters more .
An electronic access system has been used to control access to some rooms in Club estadia . A unique swipe card has been provided for every room and it has to be inserted in the door latch before the visitor can get access to the room and open the door. The magnetic swipe card is also needed to switch on the electricity supply in the room. The magnetic swipe cards for access control are probably used to detect the rooms which are occupied at any point of time centrally so that housekeeping and other arrangement can be made accordingly .
The room furniture consists of
Writing table
side table on either side of the bed for keeping the table lamp
Double bed with linen changed regularly
Large cupboard for keeping clothes.
A Dustbin has been provided for disposing unwanted material

The bathroom and wash basin area the best designed part of the room, with granite/marble tiling and high quality plumbing fittings.
Cooling facilities include fan and airconditioner

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