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Like most hotels and resorts Club estadia has well maintained swimming pools suitable for visitors of all ages and gender. There are three different swimming pools of varying depth, the smaller swimming pool is suitable for children who do not know how to swim well. The larger swimming pool is designed for use by adults. There is a staircase for people to enter the swimming pool and provision for people to drink in the swimming pool. The depth of the swimming pool varies
The profile of the swimming pool users varies significantly from dating couples, to married people and children, The swimming costume preferred by indian women are more modest compared to the swimsuits advertised in the mainstream media. In addition to swimming, visitors can also indulge in zorbing, though at an additional cost. There is a zorb ball floating in the water of the swimming pool for those who wish to check the mechanical design, .
During the off peak season, monsoon in Goa there are relatively few people at the resort, so it is good time for people looking for privacy to swim. Families with children can also teach the children how to swim during their holiday at club estadia under parental supervision, instead of sending them to swimming classes where there is no guarantee that the safety of the child can be taken care of. Food can be ordered to be delivered at the poolside. For young people in their twenties, children and teenagers the swimming pool is a good holiday recreational activity, Others can watch the young people have fun in the swimming pool

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